Monster Basement (1856 plays)

Monster Basement is a scary point-and-click adventure in which you have to escape for a basement before the monster comes back. Use the MOUSE to click on objects, find hidden secrets and ultimately, escape with your life!

Pursuit (1709 plays)

Another nice point and click adventure game in which you help detective Dialla solve her case. Click on various objects to interact with them and so to progress the story.

The Impossible Quiz 2 (4375 plays)

Look at the game title. I think you're wondering why it says impossible? Hmm, play the game and you'll see..

High School Detective (2062 plays)

A point and click adventure with fully spoken audio, so turn on your speakers! Your school's quarterback has been poisoned right before the big match. You've been assigned to find out what happened. Interview increasingly annoying students and faculty to find the delinquent.

Meeblings (1873 plays)

Use gravity to your advantage in this nice game. Get all the meeblings to the sign to pass the levels. Some meeblings can draw others towards them, some can push them away, so use them wisely. Control the game with the MOUSE

Monkey Go Happy (2461 plays)

Do you have what it takes to keep your monkey happy? Well, if you think so, try this game! All you have to do is use your mouse to solve various puzzles to make your monkey happy. Simple, right? ... not really

Warbears An AR X-Mas (1369 plays)

Join the Warbears in this adventure game and solve puzzles to progress the story-line. Use the MOUSE to do everything in the game.

Condottiero (1326 plays)

Eliminate the corrupted colonel Derosiers who has been using some brutal methods to drive out the rebels. Control the game with your MOUSE and "T" to check the time.

The Visitor (2631 plays)

The Visitor is a cool horror interactive game in which you witness the evolution of an alien parrasite. Use the mouse to click on objects to make things happen and progress the story. Have fun!

Detective Grimoire (1284 plays)

Solve this fiendish mystery in this detective poin and click adventure game. Lots of characters, very good graphics and an interesting plot make this game worthwhile. Use the MOUSE to click on objects you wish to interact with.

Four Second Fury (1354 plays)

Your goal in this game, is to finish 20 minigames, each, in 4 seconds. The only keys you use in each game are the ARROW keys and the SPACEBAR. You have 4 seconds to figure out what to do in each game and do it. Good luck!

Factory Balls 2 (1788 plays)

Your goal in this game is to use various tools to create the ball you see on the box. Get a ball from the spinning wheel and drag it onto a tool to use it. When you get the sme result as shown, the ball will be put in the box. Have fun!

Ghostscape (1592 plays)

Do you dare to enter this house? It's rumored to be haunted. Any one who should enter shall not be seen ever again. Survive this point-and-click adventure to tell others what you've seen. Find out the true story behind this house.

Oiligarchy (2459 plays)

In this game, you are an oil distributor and your goal is to make as much money as possible by expanding your business all over the world. Everything you do affects the future so be careful of what move you make. Also, you can bribe politicians and get them to help ou raise the oil price. There are many things you can do in this game, so be sure to explore for yourself. And don't skip the tutoria...

Psai (2047 plays)

You wake up and find yourself tied up in the house of a psychopatic killer. You have to get yourself loose and escape assoon as you can. Let's see how you act under pressure because the killer actually talks to you from another room. Escape with your life!

Murphys Law 7 (2214 plays)

This guy's going to the beach today. Make this the worst day of his life! Good luck and have fun!

Murphys Law 6 (2394 plays)

Ruin this guy's day at the office with your pranks. Good luck!

Murphys Law 5 (2786 plays)

In this episode, a guy has a date and you must make it look really bad for him. Ruin his date! Have fun.

Murphys Law 4 (2155 plays)

A politician is going LIVE on TV. Make him look really bad by playing some first class pranks on him. Just click on

Murphys Law 3 (3791 plays)

In this installment, you will play pranks on a senior worker. Have fun!

Murphys Law 2 (1817 plays)

The second Murphys Law game makes you play pranks on Santa. Can you ruin his day? Good luck!

Murphys Law (1753 plays)

This is the first in the series of some cool prank games. The game is in german but you can easily figure out what to do. Just click on objects to perform pranks on the old man and make him angry! You can get at max 180 points so get to work.

Reincarnation ADDO (1565 plays)

You are a demon sent by the devil himself to get the people who were forgiven by God, back to hell. In this first episode, A Demon's Day Out, you will have to kill the formerly evil souls so they can return to hell! Control the game with your MOUSE. Good luck!

Stoneage Sam (1664 plays)

This is a really cool point and click game featuring Sam, a character from the stone age. Life is pretty tough in the stoneage and Sam isn't exactly bright, so he needs you to help him survive in this harsh environment. Use the mouse to click on objects to make the story progress. Have fun!

Retardo (1404 plays)

Help Retardo destroy the Iron Golem and by doing so get the hand of the Priness of Moronia in marriage. Use the MOUSE to click on various objects ingame in order to progress your story-line. Good luck.

Worlds Hardest Game 2 (12720 plays)

This is very difficult! If you think you're so tough why don't you try and get through all 50 levels of this game? You control the red square with your ARROW keys and you have to avoid all the moving blue circles and at the same time get all the coins on the level. After you've got them all, get through to the other green space. Good luck, you'll need it..

Bowja The Ninja 2 (1960 plays)

This is a cool flash game about a small ninja set out to destroy his enemies. Use the MOUSE to click on objects in order to progress throughout the game. White arrow means you can start making your move. Sometimes, you have to click on many different things before the ninja makes his move. Good luck!

Mastermind World Contro... (5151 plays)

This is a very cool strategy game that puts you in the shoes of an evil mastermind out to conquer the world. Take notice that this is a huge flash game (18 mb) so it will take a while to load on slow connections. Use the MOUSE to control everything and do not skip the tutorial because you'll need it. Have fun and take over the world!

QOTLD - Zombie Movies (1374 plays)

In Quiz of the living dead - Zombie Movies, your knowledge of zombies and zombie movies will be put to the test. Use the MOUSE to select and the KEYBOARD to type the answer when prompted. How well do you know zombie movies?

Mind Teaser (2149 plays)

Put your brain to the test. They say this test is impossible.. Prove them wrong! Use the mouse to control the game. Good Luck!

Orchestrated Death (1950 plays)

This game puts you in the shoes of Death himself. Manipulate the environment such that you kill people without physicaly touching them. Plan their deaths and then do it! Use "5" to insert coin, "1" to begin or continue, "3" two times to remove the gridlines and use the MOUSE to intercat with objects. Happy Killing!

The Negotiator (2785 plays)

In this game, you take the role of a police negotiator. You have to talk people out of hurting themselves or others. Can you resolve these cases without violence? Control the game with arrow keys. Each arrow represents a dialoque option.

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