One Man Band (202 plays)

Create tunes by stacking instruments on the back of Mr Hackbracket, and build your own One Man Band contraption! Let's see how well you can make music!

Evolution (341 plays)

grow bugs, look after them, breed them, buy them, sell them and create the ultimate bug.

Bloons Player Pack 5 (347 plays)

50 levels of bloons-ey, christmas-ey goodness. Pop your way through a bunch of fun and tricky levels made by you, the players! Here you go, the player pack 5! Made by players, for players! Just try and pop all the required balloons every level!

Breakfast Sandwich Shop (266 plays)

Your mission is to make bearkfast sandwiches for the girls. Try to respect the order and try to make the sandwiches as fast as you can.

Dj Fest Vol.2 (232 plays)

Try to be the best DJ on the wheel, hitting the highest scratching score. Choose between two hot DJs and just follow the beat. Try to stay in the middle of the wave to hit bonus points. Have fun scratching yo!

Bowja The Ninja (on Fac... (290 plays)

BOWJA THE NINJA is on Factory Island where his mission is to destroy the Gi8000 in this exciting and action packed point and click adventure!

Ninja Reflex (503 plays)

Do you have the Ninja Reflex? Well this game will test whether you have this super natural ability. The aim of this trial is to test your reflexes by having a ninja shoot an arrow at you. As soon as the ninja releases the bow click the mouse button. If you are fast enough you might just catch the arrow! See how many arrows you can catch as the ninja gets closer and closer.

Roly-Poly Cannon (919 plays)

Roly-Poly bugs have settled down in the area. It is time to show these unwanted visitors that they have chosen the wrong place to hang out! Don't mind their cute appearance, just get rid of them one way or another. Your trusty cannon and an accurate aim is all you need to complete this task.

Home Sweet Home (336 plays)

Home Sweet Home allows you to nurture your inner designer. Create the room of your clients’ dreams with hundreds of unique pieces of furniture and accessories across dozens of homes each with their own challenging riddle. Then, with deadlines looming, direct your build team to assemble it all in front of your eyes!

Robinson Hotel (276 plays)

You are Miss Cathy, the manager at the Robinson Hotel. Your goal is to meet each day's objectives by satisfying your customers.

Meet people in traffic (393 plays)

Try to seduce the girl and get her to like you. Be careful, your actions can kill you!

Tiny Trials (178 plays)

Complete some fun mini-games to get the highest highscore. You will be given very brief instructions before each game, pay attention!

Avoider (236 plays)

This is a cool little game in which you have to save your mouse from a perverted kid! He will try variouse tricks to get to your cursor, but you must not fall for them. To start the game click on the first japanese text twice.

Meet My Valentine (237 plays)

Spot the differences between the two pictures and click on them in this nice valentine's day themed game.

Flash Point (209 plays)

Play loads of mini-games each having its own unique goal and gameplay! For all the mini-games you use the MOUSE. Don't forget to read each game's instructions before you play the. And don't forget! You have only 5 lives, use them wisely.

Islander Boys (292 plays)

Feel the dangers of the wild see for a moment. Get on your boat and start piking and spearing everything you see. See for how long can you last.

Ice Slide (392 plays)

Choose your favorite Antarctic animal and make it slide as far as possible. Use the MOUSE to drag the animal to get the angle and power of the thorw, and then, once you're sliding, click the right MOUSE button to jump.

Dropkick the Faint (458 plays)

Kick that faint for as far as you can! Adjust the speed in the top-left corner and then press SPACEBAR to start running. When you get close to the faint, press SPACEBAR again to kick him sky-high!

Fisher Boy (310 plays)

Tag the fish in the not so friendly ocean to reach your daily quota. Some fish score more points than others, but the sharks don't seem to like it when you put a tag under their fin so be careful! Use the WASD keys to move and the MOUSE to aim and TAG.

Chain Of Fire (283 plays)

Great and fun game over here. Your goal in this game is to light people on fire and just watch as they run away frantically and light other people up to. You finnish each level when everyone is gone. First, you can click on one person to light him on fire and then click on the direction you want him to run. Then, all you have to do is watch the show!

Carnival Star (544 plays)

“Shoot out the stars and more in this classic carnival game! This shooter is more about patience and skill than quick reflexes. Wield your fully automatic BB rifle to earn prizes in this updated version of the timeless game found in fairgrounds, midways, and carnivals the world over!

Gazzoline (223 plays)

You are the only employee at Gazzoline Filling Station. You have to fill the gas tanks of your clients quickly. At the end of each level you can buy upgrades for your gas station and create the ultimate money making filling station.

Nex (902 plays)

Break all the ice blocks with your fist and finaly head-butt your way through the last one. To punch the blocks of ice you only have to click the left MOUSE button at the right time. If you don't time your move properly, you plunge your nose straight into the block!

Bubble Bot (262 plays)

Fast paced fun. Be quick on the ball (or bubble in this case) and climb, run, survive, and defend your way to success.

The Jumper (377 plays)

Extreme adventures of sky-diver. Test yourself and save as many people as you can in the air crash.

Goodbye Mr. Bush (369 plays)

Bush goes away from the White House... Tell him goodbye YOUR WAY (throwing boots, eggs, daisies or candies) This is a multi-highscore and cumulative-score game!

Personal Shopper (308 plays)

Find all the items in the shop that fit to the shapes on the bar below. Use the MOUSE to play the game!

Kiss Mat 2 (384 plays)

Start a kissing frenzy without people seeing you! Click and hold the left MOUSE button to start kissing and release to stop. Do not get caught more than 3 times each level. Don't kiss when the important people are looking, and try to find out when they will look.

Bullet Time (599 plays)

Test your reflexes in this great game! After you click "Let's Go", at a random time, the gun will shoot. After that, click as quickly as you can to dodge the bullet. The gun gets closer to you by each level so you have less time to dodge the bullet. See for how long can you tempt fate!

Coffee Shop (360 plays)

Run your coffee bussiness and bring coffe to your daily costumers. Without you, they cannot even start their day, so give them some quality coffee. Use the MOUSE to control the game, and be sure not to skip the tutorial if it's your first time playing!

Alien Abductions (220 plays)

Abduct everything and everyone in this alien abduction game! Use the ARROW keys to move your UFO and tap SPACEBAR to use your abduction ray and take everything you see. You can also change weapons with 1-3 keys. You are the hunter now, but soon, you will be the hunted too!

Ragdoll Cannon Remake (456 plays)

Ragdol Cannon is here again! More ragdolls and 25 extra levels. See if you can beat them! Click the MOUSE to fire the cannon. The aim of the game is for a ragdoll to hit the button.

Turbocharged Penguins (548 plays)

Help the penguins get back what evolution has taken away from them, flight! Help them get off the ground and keep them up by clicking on them to bounce them. Good luck!

Lemon Smash (230 plays)

Whack those lemons as hard as you can. They keep spawning and spawning, Waaah! You just hate them! Hit as many as you can before the time is over. Use the ARROW keys to move and the SPACEBAR to swing your hammer!

Ingenious Personality T... (270 plays)

What kind of person are you? We know you're sick, but what kind of sick? Take this test to find out!

Pizza Pronto (315 plays)

Bake the best pizza's available by combining lots of ingredients together to suit your customers needs. Play the game with the MOUSE

Da Club (314 plays)

Get your very own club up and running. Hire DJ's, dancers, buy new sound systems, electrical lighting and more. See for how long can you last before going banckrupt! The game is controlled by the MOUSE. Let's dance!

Tube Crisis (315 plays)

This is really a fun game to play. You are being overcrowded in a subway train, and you need to find ways to get the people out of the train so you could stay more comfortably. Click on objects with your MOUSE to interact with them.

Peanut (255 plays)

You have exactly 2 minutes to score as many goals with your peanut as you can. The chipmunks are going to try and defent their gate so you have to be accurate. Hold down the LEFT MOUSE button to charge your shot and release when the peanut gets by your hand. Have fun!

Bush Wars: Attack of th... (386 plays)

See how much time you can dodge the shoes comming at you. Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move and dodge the shoes. Don't forget to submit your highscore to see where you're standing.

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